In Traditional Ticketing Business, Airlines require you to bond for 200K – 400K of cash before they give credit line.

Example (only):1. CebuPacific – 250K
2. AIRPHIL EX – 250K
3. ZESTAIR –     250K
4. etc any.. –     250K
Total   –              1M

ImageYour Cash Bond will hold them for a longer of time. That means your Investment is in Sleep mode and not generating, will not increase nor gain interest, but some airlines allow you to use it as your consumables for the issuance of your ticket, but again, you have invested first that such amount before you will become their Airline agent’s partner. And if you want to accredite 4 Airlines, that means you have to invest 1Million before you will cater 4 Airlines. (What if you want to cater all airlines?)

ImageThis kind of Traditional business will do your own finding of some other Airlines, such for International and other domestic airlines company. This is really Hard and your doing a hard time of doing this. But this also sound make sense to me, because as a business man you create business here so you have to work it out hardly, But……..for me, the new answer is a big NO!

ImageIn traditional Ticketing business also, All airlines will not provide you a brand new Computer Set with 3-in-1 brand new printer.Your internet connection also will your own responsibility because (that is your business not mine! -Airlines).

ImageIn traditional Ticketing business, You have to log-on to their Airlines Respective website, webtool or portal before you book your passenger. Just imagine what will happen if you this kind of procedure. If you have at least 5 passengers only…. (ok lang naman kasi kunti lang naman yan!) Or let say, you have 10 passenger at the same time in different Airlines (dahil malakas na!). Now imagine that??…. See? Hassle diba?

singaporemergeThat is why our system was created just to help our BUSINESS PARTNER and other INCOME GENERATING colleagues  who wants to engage the business. The system was created to satisfy your needs in helping and assisting your passengers and customers effectively and of course, helping your BUSINESS improve!

Our All-in-1 booking and reservation system will cater all kinds of Airlines around the world in that instant. What else??

dddddddddThis is breakthrough, we can book hotels (Domestic & International), sell prepaid loads, Bus, Vacation trips and tours to our clients and passengers using a single system we have and will continue to create and innovate more features (Shipping, offer soon as possible).

 This is the answer of your problem of being hassle, thinking how to provide such enough Investment for your business. Travel Ticketing business is awesome business and its very profitable. The Passengers and customers will look after you because you provide them wonderful system and service that they will never experience than ever before..

So what are you waiting for?

Traditional vs All-in-1






Article credit to Sir G. Gregorio

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